Toilet Tray Liners

Pet Toilet Liner

Item No: CCSB

Material HDPE / LDPE Degradable
Size Customised as per customer specification
Thickness 0.025mm
Printing Available on customer
MOQ 50,000 Pcs.

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Product Details

No more messes cleaning up after your dog or cat.
With the pet toilet liner simply remove the liner from the toilet tray, tie up the liner and throw away!
This is the best hassle free solution to maintain perfect hygiene at home without the need for use of harmful chemicals or having to wash your pet’s toilet tray every single time.

Available in a range of materials such as LDPE/HDPE/CPE or compostable/bio-degradable materials as well as recycled materials, there will surely be a variant to suit your needs.
The special folding design ensures minimal space is required for storage while maintaining ease of use. The elasticated liner ensures a secure fit to the toilet try or litter box and preventing the liner from being dislodged.
Custom printing of up to 8 colors (Flexo or Gravure) provides allow for perfect branding opportunities on the product for your branding needs.
  • Most hygienic solution to keep your pet toilet clean. No more rinsing toilet pans!
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compact design
  • Elasticated rim for secure and snug fit
  • Suitable for both dog toilets and cat litters
  • Cost efficient way to maintain a sanitary environment for your beloved pets
  • Suitable for both cat litters and dog toilet trays.
  • Easy cleaning without the need for washing or use of any harmful chemicals.
  • Compact & easy to use.
  • Inhouse elastic rim design for SNUG and SECURE fit and prevent flaying.
  • Degradable options: P-Life available
  • Printing: Customized design of up to 10 color available.
  • Standard Packaging: 5 pcs per bundle & 200 pcs per plain carton
  • Printed cartons also available.

Who we are

With over 40+ year’s experience in the plastic bags industry UPM Plastic is one of the most recognized and established ODM/OEM China supplier of plastic film packaging products.
Our product line ranges from vacuum food bags, bread bags, food tray covers, retail carriers (such as roped carriers, soft loop carriers, and die cut bags) to PPE suits, raincoats/ponchos and even pet ponchos.
We are Hong Kong’s leading manufacturer in compostable packaging technology in addition to offering our products in oxo-degradable as well as conventional LDPE & HDPE materials.