Disposable Gloves

Food Contact ODM Plastic Gloves Hong Kong Supplier

Item No: CGLO

Material LDPE, HDPE (Food Grade)
Size S, M, L
Thickness 0.01 - 0.03 mm
Printing Unprinted or with printing
MOQ 100,000 pcs

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Product features/properties

One important feature of our disposable plastic gloves for the food industry is that they are 100% food safe and are produced in our 100k cleanroom with very strict hygiene requirements. Our disposable plastic gloves are made of LDPE material but we can also offer degradable and compostable alternatives. Our plastic gloves can be in plain texture or embossed. They can be transparent or colored (in any pantone color). We also offer printing up to 8 colors (flexo or gravure printing) on the gloves.

We offer three sizes of gloves: S, M and L. They are 100% safe for food use and can be latex free (if this is required).

Our LDPE plastic gloves can be bulk packed (100 pieces per polybag, and 10,000 pieces per export carton) or individually packaged (one pair of gloves) in a printed or unprinted polybag/box, 5,000 pieces per export carton.  Customer specific packing instructions are also welcome.


We are an ISO accredited factory adopting lean manufacturing and managed by an international team of managers. We have also obtained OK Compost certification and possess the rights to use Hong Kong’s Green labelling on our products


Our customers

Our plastic gloves are suitable for meat processing factories, commercial kitchens, food preparation at major events/parties, restaurants, hotels, food takeaways, food kiosks at amusement parks etc.  


Technical Specification

Material: LDPE / HDPE (Plain or Embossed) 

Color: Transparent or any pantone color

Printing: Customisable printing of your design with up to 8 colors.



Size S  : 230mm (W) x 280mm (H) 

Size M : 240mm (W) x 290mm (H) 

Size L  : 260mm (W) x 300mm (H) 


Bulk packaging of 100 pcs per printed polybag or box.

CPE & Biodegradable and compostable options AVAILABLE


  • COMFORTABLE AND DISPOSABLE: These gloves are comfortable to wear and gentle on skin and are designed to be a one-time use item. Easy to remove, they are ideal for environments where changing gloves frequently is a necessity.

  • FOOD SAFE: These gloves are made from low density polyethylene. They are safe to use in the preparation and handling of food items in restaurants, cafeterias, and more. Ensure customer and staff safety by using food safe gloves and other safety attire.

  • LATEX-FREE: As a latex free product, poly gloves can be worn by people with latex allergies. They are made of thin plastic.

  • INCREASED DEXTERITY: With a ambidexdure design, these poly gloves offer greater dexterity in both hands. This allows the wearer to move more freely and perform tasks with ease.

  • FOOD PREPARATION AND PROCESSING! These gloves are perfect to use when preparing salads, sandwiches, slicing deli meats, and more. Ideal for use in restaurants, delis, grocery stores, and any other food prep location.


Who we are

With over 40+ year’s experience in the plastic bags industry UPM Plastic is one of the most recognized and established ODM/OEM China supplier of plastic film packaging products.
Our product line ranges from vacuum food bags, bread bags, food tray covers, retail carriers (such as roped carriers, soft loop carriers, and die cut bags) to PPE suits, raincoats/ponchos and even pet ponchos.

We are Hong Kong’s leading manufacturer in compostable packaging technology in addition to offering our products in oxo-degradable as well as conventional LDPE & HDPE materials.