Composable disposable Gloves

Item No: CGLO

Material Compostable (OK Compost / EN 13432 Certified)
Size S, M, L
Thickness 0.01mm - 0.03mm
Printing Flexographic or Rotogravure
MOQ 100,000 Pcs.

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Universal Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Ltd. has been developing various 100% biodegradable and compostable products. We manufacture every product meticulously with emphasis on environmental impacts!

Material: Compostable (OK Compost / EN 13432 Certified)
Size: S, M, L
Thickness: 0.01mm - 0.03mm
MOQ: 100,000 pcs
Packing: 2 pcs folded in a sealed bag or bulk packaging in carton

Standard Size:
S: 230mm (W) x 280mm (H)
M: 240mm (W) x 290mm (H)
L: 260mm (W) x 300mm (H)

Product Features/Characteristics

Disposable gloves are widely utilized in food processing, from meats and seafood preparation to handling of both raw & cooked foods and packaging.
Our disposable compostable gloves are available in individually packaged units or in bulk packs.

Each individually packed kit contains a pair of gloves folded inside a printed (or unprinted) polybag before being placed in export cartons. Each export carton can hold up to 2,500 pieces of our individually packed compostable gloves.
For bulk packaging we offer packs of 25, 50 or 100 pairs.

We offer three standard sizes of gloves: S, M and L.

They are 100% safe for food use (being produced in a state-of-the-art 300k clean room) and latex free.

Our factory has passed ISO9001, "National Industrial Product Production License" - QS, BSCI and other factory certifications. Our production facility also has a 300k clean room for manufacturing of food contact and medical items.

Product Certifications:
Our compostable gloves are ‘OK Compost’ certified by TUV Austria.
Products featuring the ‘OK Compost INDUSTRIAL’ label are guaranteed as biodegradable and 100% compostable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives. The sole reference point for the certification programme is the harmonized EN 13432: 2000 standard: in any event any product featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL logo complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive ( 94/62/EEC).

'OK Compost HOME’ – Owing to the comparatively smaller volume of waste involved, the temperature in a garden compost heap is clearly lower and less constant than in an industrial composting environment. This is why composting in the garden is a more difficult, slower-paced process.

OK Compost is not based on a standard but it IS the basis for several standards!

The requirements of the OK compost program, defined in 2003 and never questioned since then, have served as the basis for the drafting of several standards such as:

  • Australia: AS 5810 (2010) – Biodegradable plastics – Biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting

  • France: NF T 51800 (2015) – Plastics – Specifications for plastics suitable for home composting

  • Europe: prEN 17427 (2020) – Packaging — Requirements and test scheme for carrier bags suitable for treatment in well-managed home composting installations


The product fully complies with the import standards of the United States, the Middle East, the European Union and other countries.


Packaging and Shipping
Our biodegradable gloves can be packed in bulk (100 pcs in an outer bag, 10000 pcs/carton) or packed individually (2 gloves in an outer bag), with or without printing on the outer bag, 5000 per export carton.

Furthermore customers can opt for instructional leaflets and other printed materials to be packaged along with the gloves in the bags.

We offer air freight, international express and local door-to-door delivery. Shipping terms are FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP.

About Us
UPM's first product is the all-purpose plastic glove! With more than 40 years of production experience, we are now one of the leading manufacturers of disposable plastic gloves and biodegradable items in China.

Our Customers
Our OEM gloves are suitable for medical institutions, meat processing, commercial kitchens, food preparation for large events/parties, restaurants, hotels, takeaway food, amusement park food stores, etc.

Products are mainly sold to Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and other places.

If you have any needs, please feel free to call or email us!