Drawstring Gym Bags

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Bioplastic Sport Bags

Item No: CBDC

Material HDPE/ LDPE/ CPE
Size 300 - 1,000mm
Thickness 0.05-0.1mm
Printing Up to 10 colours
MOQ 10,000 Pcs.

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Product features

The drawstring gym bags can be customized in size and printing to suit your exact needs. Favored by retail stores as well as gift and souvenir bags at events.
Custom printing of up to 8 colors (Flexo or Gravure) provides allow for perfect branding opportunities on the product.
We offer our drawstring gym bags in either bulk packaging of 50 or 100 pieces per printed/unprinted polybag before being packed in shipping cartons.

  • Easily adjusted to suit any body type.
  • Efficient way to carry loads and frees up wearers hand for other activities.
  • Stylish and eye catching.
  • Fully customizable printing.
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor events.
  • Great tool for marketing campaigns.
  • Materials available: LDPE, HDPE, CPE
  • Available in biodegradable and compostable materials (P-life).
  • Available in biodegradable and compostable materials.
  • Individual packaging in printed or unprinted polybags.
  • Bulk packed packaging available.

Who we are

With over 40+ year’s experience in the plastic bags industry UPM Plastic is one of the most recognized and established ODM/OEM China supplier of plastic film packaging products.
Our product line ranges from vacuum food bags, bread bags, food tray covers, retail carriers (such as roped carriers, soft loop carriers, and die cut bags) to PPE suits, raincoats/ponchos and even pet ponchos.
We are Hong Kong’s leading manufacturer in compostable packaging technology in addition to offering our products in oxo-degradable as well as conventional LDPE & HDPE materials.